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True Healing Services

The True Healing and Wellness Institute offers a wide array of the most progressive, regenerative therapies available. Our dynamic team includes a Naturopathic Doctor as well as Medical Doctors and an entire support staff of Holistic Health Practitioners. From weight loss to stem cell injections, and from chronic pain to the most leading edge medical aesthetic treatments, we are here to help. Contact us so one of our wellness coordinators can listen to your goals, help you schedule a consult, and begin transforming into the best version of you!

Naturopathic Services

Our head Naturopathic Doctor, Samantha Larkin, offers consultations, evaluations and wellness plans customized for each patient’s individual health issues and goals. Often when a patient finds that their Primary Care doctor, usually an MD, no longer has the answers help heal their on-going health issues, it is time to seek alternatives. Naturopathic Medicine has so much to offer, whether the medical issues are simple or complex. Not sure about Naturopathic medicine? Dr. Larkin offers a COMPLIMENTARY phone consult. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Contact our Wellness Coordinator to set up your initial visit.


Regenerative Joint Injections

Regenerative Injection Therapies (RIT) stimulate the body to heal itself through its own natural process. RIT gives ligaments, tendons and joints a second chance at healing, no matter how severe or old the arthritis injury is. Regenerative therapy is not only pain relieving, it actually makes new tissue where scars and wear & tear have taken over. While surgery can sometimes repair torn tendons, cartilage or ligaments, it can also precipitate or exacerbate arthritis, and is often followed by significant down time for the patient. RIT not only bridges a critical gap in conventional treatments, it can also offer relief to people suffering from conditions that previously had a poor prognosis for repair and recovery. So before you submit to the idea that you have to get that next cortisone shot, or that surgery is looking like your only option, contact us to find out if Regenerative Joint Injections might be right for you.


Regenerative Medical Aesthetics

You can fight the aging process naturally. Gone are the days when Botox and chemical fillers were the only option for reducing wrinkles. There is now a completely natural and non-toxic alternative that can take years off of your skin. This is what separates us from traditional doctors and med spas. At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, we utilize all natural, non-toxic substances, much of which is generated from the patient’s own blood. These methods are at the forefront of the latest advances and our techniques carry less risk and allow your your youthful glow to shine through, naturally. Read more on the Regenerative Medical Aesthetics page or call to schedule your appointment today.


Integrative Bodywork

The word “massage” does not do our treatments justice. At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, we have gathered a group of highly trained and specialized therapists to administer treatment types from around the world. From patients with serious medical issues, to patients needing relief from extreme muscle fatigue, to yet others who are seeking peace, relaxation, and emotional relief, our Wellness Coordinator will match you with the therapists and type(s) of treatment(s) that you need. Come see how utilizing time tested, world renowned methods can lead to enlightenment and restoration, one bodywork treatment at a time.