Nutrient Shots

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Nutrient Shots

Injections deliver vitamins and nutrients faster and more effectively than many other methods. In the past, these types of injections were reserved only for the rich and famous. But now they are widely used and more affordable than ever before. Treat yourself to something healthy today!

‘True Healing’ Shot Menu – Inject Some Health in to Your Life

‘True Healing’ B12 Straight Up $24

Restore energy and vitality to your day with this shot. It will put a spring in your step.

‘True Healing’ Energy Shot $29

An extra boost that includes B complex and Folate to ease your nerves and keep you moving.

‘True Healing’ Slim Quick $29

Helps to curb appetite while stimulating fat burn. Key ingredients: lipotropic agents to prevent fat build up in liver and body, L-carnitine and B12 increase fat burn and boost stamina. (Patients with a Sulfa allergy should not get this shot).

‘True Healing’ Muscle Recovery $29

For Cross-fit athletes, Spin enthusiasts, and anyone putting in work, this shot will aid in your recovery. Shot contains B12, magnesium and homeopathic Traumeel to help with soreness and inflammation so you can get right back in the gym.

‘True Healing’ Immunity Strength $29

Whether you need to be healthy for that big vacation, important meeting, or just daily life, this shot will help you stay healthy, or get feeling better faster. Contains B12, Glutathione, and homeopathic Ergysterol.

‘True Healing’ Hair of the Dog $39

Don’t let that pesky hangover ruin the rest of your weekend. Fight back with this shot that is loaded with B vitamins, liver supportive nutrients, and anti-oxidants. Add a shot of Glutathione for the ultimate liver recovery shot.

‘True Healing’ Luminous Skin $39

The ultimate beauty shot to revitalize and leave your skin glowing. This cocktail is a combination of B5, vitamin C and B complex.

‘True Healing’ Meditation Shot $39

Calm your anxiety and experience better sleep with this calming shot. This shot contains B vitamins, magnesium and taurine.

‘True Healing’ Goldilocks Shot $39

This shot will help pave the way to the thick, shiny, illustrious hair you’ve always wanted. Deliver biotin, B complex and Glutathione to your system for the ultimate support for hair health.

‘True Healing’ Power Detox $45

Detoxify your liver with Glutathione, B complex and B12. This anti-oxidant rich shot will help cleanse your body while improving complexion and energy.

‘True Healing’ Custom Formula (price varies)

Discuss your wants and needs with one of our practitioners to help determine what combination would benefit you.

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