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Take Years Off of Your Skin

What is ‘True Healing’ Lift and Tighten?

‘True Healing’ Lift and Tighten is a revolutionary cell-based treatment which works to reverse the signs of aging, reinstating a youthful glow. This procedure involves extracting concentrated growth factors and platelet rich plasma from your blood, activating these enriched cells, and then delivering them to your face, neck, and/or hands. These tiny injections trigger your own innate healing mechanisms to stimulate tissue regeneration. Growth factors stimulate the migration of stem cell, collagen, and elastin production, as well as new cell proliferation.

What Can ‘True Healing’ Lift and Tighten Treat?

Fine Lines Such As:
Tear Troughs
Crow’s Feet
Vertical Lip Lines
Mental Creases
Forehead Creases
Neck Creases
Sagging Skin On:

How Does ‘True Healing’ Lift and Tighten Work?

Our bodies have an incredible capability to heal and restore new tissue. For instance, the minute you get a cut, your body’s immune system is triggered to begin the healing process. Messages are sent to the area for local cell proliferation and tissue regeneration. In this therapy, we use tiny injections to initiate the healing cascade. Your blood is then modified in a way to elicit optimal concentration of growth factors and injected into the skin, essentially fertilizing the area. Once in your skin, these growth factors act to support the physiological process of wound healing and tissue repair, stimulating new collagen and elastin growth, as well as cell migration.


Bio-compatible platelets and concentrated growth factors from your own blood. The material is 100% natural with NO artificial materials.

Results Timeline:

Builds over time, typically taking 2-6 weeks to begin to see results.
To achieve the best results, three treatments are typically required, spaced 4-8 weeks apart.
The results of the treatments are typically maintained for 8-12 months.

Potential Risks & Side Effects:

Mild swelling, bruising, irritation and/or peeling.
If HSV+, a risk of an oral herpes outbreak.
Minimal side effects because it does not use any foreign substances or chemicals. Instead, the process triggers the body’s innate ability to naturally heal and repair itself.
Possible reaction to the numbing agent; however, a numbing agent can be avoided if the patient desires.

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