Natural Biological Filler

A Non-Toxic Alternative

‘True Healing’ Biologic Filler

If you have been looking for a natural dermal filler, look no further. ‘True Healing’ natural filler can be used to fill lips, deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and frown lines. ‘True Healing’ filler is a viscous, gel-like material and is also great for contouring – which can be used to provide volume and definition to your cheek bones and jaw-line, giving you a more youthful structure.

How ‘True Healing’ Biologic Filler Works:

Utilizing only your own blood, we extract stem cell growth factors and platelet-poor plasma. Using heat to denature proteins within your blood and activate certain chemical messengers, a viscous material is created for voluminous injections. Not only does this filler provide instant volume, but it stimulates new collagen production to be gradually built over time.

How Does This Filler Compare to Others?

How Does This Filler Compare to Others?
Natural Alternative with Less Risks: This treatment is toxin and animal-product free. We simply use the patient’s own blood to concentrate the intuitive programming cells so there is much less risk of adverse effects. Unlike synthetic fillers, this bio-compatible material does not degrade over time, so it does not present the same risks for bumps, uneven deterioration, allergic reactions and other side effects.
Forgiving Material: Because True Healing Fill is created from materials within your body, the filler melts into your skin like honey as your tissue will readily absorb the regenerative cells.
Stimulates Your Own Collagen for a More Natural Look: True Healing Fill stimulates collagen production, leading to a gradual build over time that produces a natural, healthy look without the risk of looking over-plumped or frozen.
Greater Number of Uses: Unlike other fillers, which come pre-made, we have the capability of altering the thickness of this filler. This enhances the potential for uses and enables better delivery into the intended area, with less chance of leakage into surrounding tissue.
Longer Lasting Effects: The visual results of True Healing Fill can last up to two years, unlike other fillers which tend to last less than 6 months.

When Can You Expect to See Results?

Immediately after the treatment, you will notice significantly more volume and structure.

Results Timeline

Builds over time, typically taking 2-6 weeks to begin to see results.
To achieve the best results, three treatments are typically required, spaced 4-8 weeks apart.
The results of the treatments are typically maintained for 8-12 months.

Potential Risks & Side Effects:

Mild swelling, bruising, irritation and/or peeling.
If HSV+, a risk of an oral herpes outbreak.
Minimal side effects because it does not use any foreign substances or chemicals. Instead, the process triggers the body’s innate ability to naturally heal and repair itself.
Possible reaction to the numbing agent; however, a numbing agent can be avoided if the patient desires.

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