Hormone Balancing

Start Feeling Like Yourself Again

Bringing Patients Back in Balance

Hormone imbalance can affect both men and women, at different times of life, for different reasons and with varying degrees of severity. While for some people, these changes and fluctuations pass without becoming a major problem, some people find the symptoms greatly hinder their quality of life and so they begin to seek out solutions. Here at the Institute, we take the time to review and evaluate your health history in order to uncover the cause(s) of the symptoms, and come up with a plan for natural ways to get your mind, body and soul back in balance.

Conditions We Support With Hormone Balancing

Specific to Women:
Menstrual Irregularities (Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia)

Specific to Men:
Erectile Dysfunction

Applicable to Both Genders:
Low Libido
Overweight / Obesity
Muscle Loss / Weakness / Poor Recovery
Aging Skin
Hair Loss
Depression / Anxiety

Our Approach

1. In your consultation, we have an open and in-depth discussion in order to fully understand your symptoms, underlying physiology, and health goals.
2. We use advanced hormone testing, which helps us to identify imbalances and gives insight into how your body creates, metabolizes and excretes hormones. These results help us to customize your treatment to ensure your body is receiving exactly what it needs, and nothing more.
3. We will provide education and suggestions for lifestyle changes, including nutritional counseling and exercise recommendations and planning, in order to best help bring your hormones back in balance.
4. We will identify a path for natural modulation with supplements that alter production, conversion or metabolism of your own hormones.
5. We will offer Hormone Replacement Therapy for those patients who would benefit, especially those patients whose bodies are unable to produce the optimal amounts of hormones on their own.
6. We will look at prescription medication options when medically necessary and/or when other therapies have failed.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Unlike conventional hormones, bio-identical hormones are molecularly identical to the hormones that are within your body. This means that your body recognizes it as its own, creating a more predictable outcome, with fewer risks. Additionally, at the True Healing & Wellness Institute, we use compounded hormones, meaning that we can formulate a combination to suit your personal needs, ensuring that you reach your health goals without risk of over-supplementation.


When the desire for sex no longer happens naturally, or at the rate of occurrence that a person, or couple has become accustomed to, there is often cause for concern. How can something that is supposed to be so instinctual, all of a sudden become foreign or difficult to act upon? At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, we understand the complexity, as well as the importance, of a healthy sex drive. We take a comprehensive approach in order to help best restore the spark for you and your partner.


Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a rather common issue affecting over 50% of men. It is defined as the inability to get or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It is also referred to as impotence, which is a broader term that means the inability to orgasm or ejaculate and can be related to inappropriate sexual desire. For many men, it is a fleeting problem, but for those in which the problem is ongoing, the issue can cause a significant amount of stress and lack of confidence.


Irregular Cycles / PMS

Most women, at some point in their lives, experience changes in the length and/or severity of their periods. Childbirth, stress, poor exercise and poor nutrition have all been found to be contributing factors to temporary fluctuations. However, when issues persist, there is often an underlying health reason.



Experiences with menopause, including the duration, age of onset as well as the myriad of symptoms that present, can vary greatly from woman to woman. At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, the approach will be tailored to the individual with the common goal to reduce symptoms and assist each woman in maintaining good physical health and positive mental and emotional well-being throughout the process.