Erectile Dysfunction

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A Common Problem

Erectile dysfunction is a rather common issue affecting over 50% of men. It is defined as the inability to get or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It is also referred to as impotence, which is a broader term that means the inability to orgasm or ejaculate and can be related to inappropriate sexual desire. For many men, it is a fleeting problem, but for those in which the problem is ongoing, the issue can cause a significant amount of stress and lack of confidence.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is one of the first signs of an underlying health condition. Pure erectile dysfunction is a physical ailment due to damaged vessels, nerves, smooth muscle and/or fibrous tissue within the penis. Alcoholism and smoking are often culprits, as well as other health conditions such as low testosterone, diabetes, atherosclerosis, kidney disease and neurological disorders.

Traditional Treatments

Traditional medicine often offers the use of vasodilators and/or testosterone replacement to treat erectile dysfunction. Vasodilators, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis do work, but they fail to address the underlying cause of the problem. Testosterone therapy has also been shown to be effective, but comes with a number of potential side effects.

Our Approach

The difference in our approach, versus the traditional treatment methods, is that we aim to find the underlying cause of the condition. At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, we want to treat the cause and alleviate the symptoms for good.

We take the time to figure out the ‘why’ so we can treat the cause, not just the symptoms. We will run advanced lab testing to better understand the details of your health markers, such as cardiovascular health, blood sugar levels and hormone levels.

We want to minimize the risk of side effects. Traditional treatments come with a host of possible side effects. You shouldn’t have to trade one health problem for another. That is not a solution. We look at your overall health, make recommendations for lifestyle change and, only if necessary, we will look at testosterone therapy at minimum dosages needed to achieve the desired result.

Our methods focus on the long-term health of your erection. We specialize in regenerative therapies. If indicated, injections of your own growth factors from your blood and/or mesenchymal stem cells can restore and regenerate damaged penile tissue to a healthy state.

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