Nutrient IV Therapies

Improve Your Health from the Inside Out

Nutrient IV Therapies

IV Therapy can help to benefit a wide range of symptoms. Depending on a patient’s goals, we can help advise and even customize a formulation to ensure maximum results are achieved. Our clinic is tranquil and comfortable and our doctors and staff are highly trained and skilled to make the process easy.

‘True Healing’ Custom Formulation – $249

Looking to get a vitamin infusion that is customized just for you? Come in for Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiency Testing and we will tailor your IV to include the micronutrients that YOUR body needs.

‘True Healing’ Regenerative Joint Formula – $249

Frustrated because you can’t be as active as you want to be? Anxious to get back on the tennis court, golf course, or playing field, but can’t because of stiff or painful joints? Help repair and prevent further damage with this regenerative cocktail.

‘True Healing’ Pain & Regeneration Formula – $279

For patients having difficulty managing their pain, this formula helps aid pain relief while simultaneously promoting the regeneration and longevity of new, healthy tissue.

‘True Healing’ Anti-Pain + Anti-inflammatory – $149

Most patients would prefer a natural, non-addictive alternative to pain medications. If this sounds like you, look no further than this IV formula that contains both pain relieving and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

‘True Healing’ Luminous Skin – $229

For an overall glowing and youthful complexion, whether you are concerned with anything from acne to wrinkles. No one has to know about this ultimate beauty secret.

‘True Healing’ Immunity – $159

Most of us are too busy to have to slow life down for a cold or sore throat. This vitamin C rich IV is designed to wake up your immune system so it can fight off whatever is getting your body down.

‘True Healing’ Immunity Plus – $219

When it is beyond the common cold or flu, you may need an extra powerful formulation to get you back to your healthy center. This IV is chock full of the vitamins and nutrients you need to heal.

‘True Healing’ Migraine – $149

Those who have them know, migraines can be debilitating, and the treatment options often involve prescription medications with ranging side effects. Let us help you get rid of that migraine and back to your normal life, naturally.

‘True Healing’ Energy – $129

Run down, jet-lagged, tired, listless? Let us help you get back on your feet with this pick-me-up cocktail.

‘True Healing’ Multivitamin (aka Myers’ Cocktail) – $119

The quintessential nutrient cocktail for general wellness and longevity. Feel re-energized and youthful!

‘True Healing’ Power Detox – $149

Support your liver, clear toxins, and lower your body burden to improve health, clear skin, support weight loss, and increase longevity.

‘True Healing’ Rehydrate – $119

This IV will rehydrate you more quickly and completely than water or energy drinks. Great for after strenuous exercise or prolonged exposure to heat.

‘True Healing’ Hangover Killer – $189

You don’t have to pay the painful price for that long night out anymore! Rehydrate and replenish, get rid of the headache and nausea, and feel great fast!

‘True Healing’ Quick Fix – 30-minute boost – $89

For those who need a pick-me-up or immunity boost, but don’t have time for a full IV. We’ve got you covered.

‘True Healing’ Add-Ons

Glutathione Anti-oxidant boost – $15
Homeopathic Immune Support – $15

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