Welcome from all of us at the True Healing and Wellness Institute!

   We are excited to learn about you and help you on your journey toward optimal health and wellness.  Our entire staff of doctors, practitioners, and wellness coordinators are committed to providing our patients excellent, leading edge care.  We look forward to meeting you soon!



At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, our philosophy is driven by the knowledge that in order to achieve health and healing, there are some organized elements that have to be present. First, a patient needs the opportunity to provide their comprehensive health history to their doctor. Second, the physician needs to take the time to educate their patient on all of the most viable treatment options. Together, doctor and patient need to agree on, and implement, a comprehensive plan, monitor patient progress, and make the changes necessary to help the patient reach their health goals. At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, we listen, we educate, we organize, and we work together with patients to execute a personalized plan for True Healing.

Transformation Through Education – Learning How To Heal

Change isn’t easy, but we believe that knowledge is a powerful and mandatory tool to help jump start the process. While traditional medicine falls back on the prescription pad and the surgical knife to help temporarily alleviate symptoms, we focus on educating patients about more long term and less invasive True Healing solutions. As opposed to asking a patient “where” it hurts, here at the Institute, we ask the question “why” does it hurt, and together we find the answer. We help patients discover emerging treatment options, and take the time to teach patients about the pros and cons, as they relate to each patient’s individual health situation, so that they can maximize their True Healing potential.

Personalized Medicine – Treating the Patient As A Whole

This is what sets us apart from traditional medical set-ups, large health care corporations, and HMO’s. We want to know ALL about you, not just bits and pieces. We want you to experience True Healing. You will not see a different practitioner every time you come in for an appointment. This is truly personalized health care, not the compartmentalized treatment that so many patients receive when they are forced from one specialist to another, each focusing on one acute aspect of the patient’s health. We offer a unique, progressive, holistic based approach. Many patients are seeking alternatives to their current health care, with good reason. You deserve to experience the difference that is True Healing.

Finding The Root Cause – Your Symptoms Are A Sign of Something Deeper

Patients often come to us frustrated, after years of dealing with health issues and being seen by various physicians. Whether it is due to relapsing symptoms such as pain and fatigue, or disease progression despite prior treatment, patients have a difficult time achieving the results they are hoping for. This isn’t because doctors are careless or incompetent, rather, it is a by product of the current medical paradigm which focuses on lessening symptoms. At True Healing, we recognize that this approach is not only ineffective at providing long-term results, or curing the individual, but often elicits unwanted side effects and drives the progression of a disease. True Healing occurs when a physician takes the time to properly identify underlying dysfunctions and properly address and remove triggering factors. This is how the innate healing processes can be restored.

Stimulate True Healing From Within – Your Body Holds Innate True Healing Wisdom

‘Vis Medicatrix-naturae’ – the body’s natural ability to heal itself – is one of the guiding principles of Naturopathic Medicine. At the Institute, our Naturopathic Doctors as well as our board certified Medical Doctors, believe strongly that the human body is designed to heal from within. The abilities to recover, regenerate, and appropriately respond to a stressor, are all innate qualities of a healthy immune system. After repeated exposure to illnesses, toxins, pollutants, medications, injuries, and poor diets, our systems become overwhelmed and begin to stop “fighting” and start adapting – weakening our vitality over time. At the Institute, we we work to establish the conditions the body needs to heal, by removing the underlying triggers, and using natural therapies to stimulate your own True Healing response.

Maximize Your True Healing Potential – Organize A Plan To Discover the Most Improved Version of You

No one is perfect, but here at the Institute, we can help you organize a plan to become your best self. We all have intentions of living healthy, eating clean, exercising regularly, being pain free, looking young and experiencing the benefits of our mind, body and soul working in harmony. It doesn’t have to be a dream. We will motivate you, educate you and walk the journey alongside you as your goals become a reality. We are on the cutting edge of progressive health care and self-care, and pride ourselves on helping patients make positive transformations, one step at a time. Feel better and be beautiful, from the inside out!