Based on research in neuroscience, humans think in pictures. Even for people who say they aren’t ‘visual’, they are simply seeing images so fast they aren’t aware if it. If you have any doubt about this, notice the next time you’re worried about something, it’s usually a scene you’re playing out in your mind that you’re afraid will happen. Of course there’s lots of commentary too, but that moves slower than images and thus, tends to be easier to notice.

A core tenet in Chinese Medicine is “Qi follows the mind.” Qi is life force, the very force pumping in your blood, beating your heart, and conducting nerve impulses right now as you read these words. There are the unconscious, or automatic life force happenings, the things you don’t have to consciously direct, like the digestion of your last meal, and then there is the conscious awareness, directed by choice.

This is where you can affect your health in extremely positive ways by the use of visioning or visualizing. Visualizing is the very least you can do to bring about the very most change in your life. After a tipping point of regular imagery fed to your brain, your life force will cause that outcome at the level of your cells.

Let’s dive in to the three simple ways of affecting such powerful change in your health!

1) Get clear on the results you’re intending. It could be better sleep, less pain, or overall vitality. Clarity is key. If you aren’t clear, you’ll ping all over the place, which doesn’t work. Imagine your desired outcome as if its here, right here and now, in your present moment. Envision from this perspective.
2) See yourself in this desired result (in other words, don’t watch yourself as if on an external screen, see yourself in the vision enjoying the outcome as you) and see as many details of the outcome as you can, movements, smells, textures, tastes, sights, colors, and any other vivid details you can playfully imagine.
3) Feel what you will feel (with the enhancement) right now. Gratitude, joy, blessed, whatever it is you’d expect to feel, have that experience now in your vision. Emotions are like rocket fuel for our visions and they move energy quickly. Visualizing with emotion is one of the fastest ways to shift matter (i.e. your body).

Any or all of these elements may seem strange at first, but that’s only because it is unfamiliar. The more you play with it, the more familiar it becomes, and the more you’ll see the change over time.

A key to the processing is bypassing the mind. If your mind won’t let you imagine a pain free shoulder because right now it bloody hurts, then go broad and envision overall health. See and feel your whole body as vital and healthy, which will help settle the one or more parts that aren’t there yet.

The idea is to be relaxed when you visualize. If you’re tense or resistant for any reason, try a different vision angle until you find the one that helps you stay open and enjoy the process. Visualizing a few minutes at a time is all that’s necessary, as many times throughout the day as you want. The key: don’t quit until your vision materializes!