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Wellness Screens & Evaluations

Curious about where your health stands? Anxious about a symptom you've been having? Schedule an FDA Approved, Non-Invasive, Wellness Screen with one of our MD's today.
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Integrative Treatment Plans

Have you received a serious diagnosis? Are you confused and overwhelmed with a major health decision? Schedule a consultation and let us help you organize your options and construct a plan.
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True Healing Services

Interested in alternative treatments? Looking for a way to love and care for yourself like you know you should be? Take a look at our extensive True Healing Services menu and get ready to be relaxed and rejuvenated, mind, body & soul.
True Healing Services

The True Healing & Wellness Institute was designed with each individual’s health journey in mind. While we are all at different points in terms of our physical, emotional, and spiritual health quest, it is never too early, or too late, to take a comprehensive look at what has led us to this place and what we may want, or need, to do in order to achieve an optimally balanced life for the future.

While there are many health issues that one may encounter during life, here at the Institute we start from the point of figuring out the root cause of a patient’s behavior or problem and show them how to proceed from there. In many instances, once a patient identifies and deals with issues from their past, they are more equipped to attack present and future health and wellness obstacles disease or other disorders. Our extraordinary team of Medical Doctors and Health Practitioners are unparalleled. At the True Healing & Wellness Institute, we take a comprehensive approach to alternative, holistic medicine, Eastern and Western medicine, and teach each patient how to achieve that sought after balance between mind, body and soul. Whether you are at an unhealthy point in your life, or are looking to make positive, powerful changes to an already generally healthy lifestyle, the True Healing & Wellness Institute has something for you. Everything that we offer is tailor made to suit the individual’s health and wellness needs. There is no one size fits all approach here.

We are leading our industry with progressive, integrative treatment options and educational opportunities.

For the patients who are in a current health crisis, have received a serious diagnosis or are seeking a second opinion, we have several options from initial screenings and consultations to integrative treatment plans. We are here to offer powerful additions to your current medical regiment. Patients seeking methods and education about how to keep their health on the upswing will have access to consultation and planning appointments as well as seminars and educational visits. The True Healing & Wellness Institute really does have something for everyone.

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